A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Challenge your friends in an epic match of Basketball - IN SPACE!

Score points by shooting the balls through your opponents hoop. 
Experience the thrill and excitement of a real basketball match
without the sweat, pain and tears induced by actual physical activity - right at your fingertips!


1. 1 vs. 1 gameplay

2. retro graphics with amazing effects

3. the only basketball sim with approval by the Intergalactic Basketball Association

The intergalactic basketball association is officially starting the qualifiyng rounds for the intergalactic basketball trophy. Do not miss out on your chance to win the title in a sold out statium on 3rd of June 3000 on Pygmalion Zeta 3. All participants are scanned for skill. If you qualify you will be notified.

Install instructions

to play on Windows just unzip the archive and double click "IntergalacticHoops.exe".
You need 2 gampads to play.

To try the android version you have to send the .apk file to your smartphone. Then open to install it and accept everything. Android will tell you that it is dangerous to install stuff from unknown sources (which is true) but you just have to install it anyway.


IntergalacticHoops.apk 58 MB
IntergalacticHoops.zip 30 MB

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